Success Stories

JM Connections Ltd works with clients over the long term to recruit and develop teams throughout Europe. The following are examples of the many clients whom we have helped.

World Leading Enterprise Web Applications Software Vendor

From their initial move into Europe we worked as the sole recruiter for this start-up software vendor to build technical pre and post sales consulting teams within the UK, French and German offices. With a truly innovative product, these consulting roles required hands-on technical skills and strong business / client facing abilities.

Working in partnership with this client over a long period of time enabled us to identify very clearly the exact characteristics which differentiated those who were able to achieve the most within the organisation. As a result, we not only helped our client to build a strong and highly successful European team, but we also ensured that the rate of retention for key personnel was extremely high when compared with the average for the industry as a whole.

Our added value ensured that our client was able to attract highly qualified individuals and grow rapidly within a highly competitive market. Eventually after a very successful IPO they merged with one of the major players in the IT industry.

Enterprise Social / Messaging Software Vendor

This leading enterprise social software vendor are building a successful European division from their offices in London and Paris.

From the beginning of their move into the European market we have worked closely as their sole recruiter to build the core sales, consulting and support teams. This is a multilingual operation with a complex mix of business and technical skills required. We work with this client to plan a recruitment strategy for the immediate future and over the longer term.

We have an expert knowledge of this company, their culture, product set, marketplace and also, their competitors. Our work in recruiting the current team also gives us a unique understanding of the team dynamics and enables us to assess suitability of future potential employees with great accuracy.


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